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Windows 7 Enterprise Activation Key 12 ⏩

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Windows 7 Enterprise Activation Key 12

I am having and issue with a Windows 7 MULTIPLE licensing key not working.
Happens when one key is offline and another is online.
(little error message).
I can use the following free one to link to, but it then says to download a full version key from

Which I have tried, and it says my retail key is screwed up or invalid
I have seen other people have the same issue and have tried their solutions but they just don’t seem to work for me.

Note: I am running Windows 7 Enterprise.


It sounds like you are having an issue with Windows Media Connect which is a Microsoft/TV thing.
What you can do is use Microsoft’s free Key Finder tool to figure out the key.
It’s fairly reliable.
You can see what key you have right here. If you are having issues, you can go into device manager and uninstall “Windows Media Connect”

If you are using Windows 8.1, it is called Mediaroom

Since these are device drivers and not the actual Windows Activation Key, you could take the devices offline and see if that helps at all. If this is affecting Windows 7, the issue should be resolved.


I had the same problem as the OP and tried all the above options, as well as downloading and installing the WMC Activation Pro Plus Crack activator and that still did not help.
Then I just re-installed and entered my old product key, thinking that they might have made a mistake in the activation. That worked. A message saying “In order to activate, you will need a valid product key for an updated version of Windows” was displayed but I was able to proceed with the activation process.

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