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Vimanika Comics Book 1

Much in the way that different tribes had different gods or even that different series of gods, there were different nations in the northern ancient world. India, after all, is home to one of the oldest civilisations, and one of its key historical figures is the man who founded the first society in the world called democratic. At the same time, they were the most likely to want a god, or a pantheon of gods, to whom they could pray, rather than to a random, arbitrary, and unknowable God who, as far as they could tell, had nothing to say to their situation.

It is such a position that Krishna addresses in this story. He always portrayed himself in the same lightβ€”as a servant, a friend, a counsellor, a spiritual guide, the personal representative of the supreme, universal being, Krishna.

His call to duty was to defeat evil, to honour the god of righteousness, or dharma. Of course, he is presented as a divine being, in the conventional sense of being able to control nature, even the winds and waves. Furthermore, according to the Sanskrit texts from which Krishna comes, he is much more than a son of the god Vishnu. His father is not a mythical figure, but has a historical existence, as Vishnu takes the form of a very real man named Krishna, a master of


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