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Setup Maker is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you generate custom setups. This is a Java-based utility so you should previously deploy the working environment on your system.
User interface
You are welcomed by a clean and simple GUI that adopts a wizard-like approach. This mode comes in handy especially for less experienced users as they are guided throughout the entire configuration process.
There’s no support for a help manual, so experimenting with the built-in configuration parameters is your only chance in order to understand how the tool works.
Create user-defined setups
You are given the freedom to select a representative picture for the setup package. Images can be added in the working environment using only the built-in browse button so you cannot rely on the drag-and-drop support.
You can preview the photo in a dedicated panel, specify the text that provides information about the license agreement by importing data from plain text file format, as well as manually enter the components that you want to install.
What’s more, Setup Maker offers you the possibility to pick a custom upper image that appears in the setup window, specify the package files and set the entry display name, and pick the default path.
Last but not least, the tool lets you enable the help service and import help information from a custom document, add registry keys during installation, display a splash screen, execute commands at the end of the installation, as well as ask for reboot or not.
Bottom line
All in all, Setup Maker integrates a handy suite of features for helping you define and personalize setups. On the downside, it hasn’t been updated for a long time, so it may cause compatibility issues on newer operating systems.


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Download 🗹 DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Setup Maker Crack For PC [2022]

Create user-defined setups with images, text and other components.
Specify license agreement text, select images for package, choose installer’s desktop picture and other components.
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Easy and secure
Setup Maker doesn’t require a server environment and it’s much easier to deploy compared to XAP or HTML5 deployment servers.
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Setup Maker Crack+ Free

The Setup Maker Full Crack program allows you to create a working environment with all the components you need to run your application. Setup Maker employs a wizard-like interface, which allows you to set the most common and popular Windows components. Setup Maker allows you to create your own custom setups. A friendly interface allows you to easily create a setup within minutes. You can select a representative picture of the setup and add it directly to the setup window. You can also choose to add a custom logo to the setup. You may even choose to add text information to the setup window. You can preview the setup window before you create it. You may import text data to the setup window from any text-based document. If you choose to customize your setup, you have a choice between the built-in selected picture and the custom image. Customizing the image of the setup window allows you to add more functionality to your setup. You may also choose to edit the upper image of the setup window. You may also set the name, description, and the path of the installation folder. You can select the icon, the setting page, the upper image, and the entry name. You may also choose to add a custom logo to the setup window. You can also add registry keys during installation. You may select to ask reboot or not. Your working environment will be created automatically after you complete the installation.

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Setup Maker X64

Create and customize the best setups for new computers.
* Import and save pictures and text for the licenses.
* Generate different setups for the same computer.
* Batch installing single- or multiple-desktop setups.
* Use automatic or custom installation programs and select the components that you want to install.
* Personalize the end-user experience and create personalized setup packages.
* Save, customize, and share with other users.
* Hide, show, or install several components at once.
* Customize the start menu entries for your desktop.
* Set the start menu, desktop, and window buttons.
* Set the splash screen.
* Set the user account.
* Make the computer boot directly to a specific setup.
* Specify the default path.
* Customize the path that contains your application, data, and documents.
* Generate presentation disks with your pictures and text.
* Generate.txt file lists that you can import into other applications.
* Add or remove many different options in the setup process.
* For official Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista, and Windows® 7 software:
-· The Windows XP CD is not required to install the software.
-· Install the software without a product key.
-· Update all Windows Vista and Windows® 7 software that has not been previously updated.
-· For Windows Vista and Windows® 7 software that has been previously updated, there is no requirement to uninstall the software.
-· Uninstall the program from the Windows® XP CD, if you remove the software from the Windows® XP CD.
-· For Windows® Vista and Windows® 7, remove the Windows® XP SP3 Compatibility Program from your computer.
-· The Windows® XP SP3 Compatibility Program cannot be removed from the Windows® Vista and Windows® 7 operating systems.
-· Launch a command prompt.
-· Type the following command:
reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup” /v “ENABLE_CUSTOMSETUPPROCESS” /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f
-· Launch Setup Maker
-· After the process completes, return to the command prompt.
-· The system will not reboot.

What’s New In?

Clean and simple graphic user interface.
Allows you to select a representative image and customize the text that explains the setup.
Automatically detects all components to be installed during setup and allows you to specify them manually (optional).
Allows you to add new text documents to cover the license agreement.
Allows you to automatically add your components from Registry settings.
Allows you to change your installed components.
Specifies the location of the executable file of your components.
Allows you to change the location of the executable file.
Allows you to define the default location of your components.
Allows you to specify the position of your components.
Allows you to specify the size of your components.
Allows you to insert pictures, videos, and music into your setup.
Allows you to add other components with new capabilities and features.
Allows you to add a screenshot to the setup window.
Allows you to add a custom logo.
Allows you to specify the start menu application.
Allows you to select the language.
Allows you to specify a splash screen.
Allows you to execute commands after the installation.
Allows you to set the delay of the reboot.
Allows you to set the process priority.
Allows you to create your own components.
Allows you to specify a custom window title.
Allows you to specify a custom window icon.
Allows you to specify the startup path.
Allows you to specify the name of the folder in which the components are installed.
Allows you to specify the name of the setup installation directory.
Allows you to display a menu for the input window.
Allows you to save and restore your last state before uninstallation.
Allows you to save your current state.
Allows you to automatically close all applications.
Allows you to display a system tray notification.
Allows you to prevent users from using the Internet to download drivers.
Does not support Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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