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Keeping the dough

A portrait studio in a restaurant also produces portraits in the restaurant of customers who come in for a specialty snack. The artist uses the same lighting and composition, just with a new subject. This dough portrait is by artist Raina Green.

The dough is a golden color without all the usual props that are used in a portrait.

With this type of portrait, the artist adapts the basic lighting and composition to capture the likeness of the person. However, instead of the usual approach of manipulating the color of the dough to match the skin color, the artist enhances the dough — and other dough images — with textures and colors. The artist created a portrait using dough as an element of the image.

## Photo Manipulation: A Clear Definition

A _photo manipulation_ is any type of edit made to an image. These edits include retouching, cropping, cropping and resizing, lighting, color adjustments, and adjustment layers. In addition, you can manipulate color by changing the hue, saturation, or lightness or the white balance. (For more on color, see the next section

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Below is a list of the best Photoshop Elements features we thought you would like to hear about.

The best Photoshop Elements features

1. Advanced photo effects

Photoshop Elements is a graphics editing program. However, it also has the ability to add text, shapes, and photo effects to your images.

2. Adjustable levels

Each image has a Layers panel which allows you to adjust the levels of the image, add transparency and adjust the colour levels. The Adjustment panel in Photoshop Elements allows you to manipulate your images further. This includes Curves, Levels, Exposure, and Shadows and Highlights.

3. Edited text

All text on your images will be editable after you have loaded the text into Photoshop Elements. Simply select the text and click the Edit menu.

4. Empty Layer

You can use Photoshop Elements’ “Empty Layer” option to quickly create an empty layer. This is useful when you want to move multiple layers at once.

5. Easy editing

Often you can edit an image in Photoshop Elements faster than you can using Photoshop. It works on the same principles of how you manipulate images in Photoshop.

6. Filters & High dynamic range (HDR)

Photoshop Elements includes filters, including Lens Blur, Gaussian Blur, Invert, and High Pass. It also allows you to use HDR techniques. HDR can allow you to create amazing images.

7. Support for most photo editing formats

Photoshop Elements can edit many of the formats used by modern digital photography including RAW and JPG.

8. Customizable workspace

This gives you the opportunity to customize the workspace to make it easier to use.

9. Flexible colour palettes

You can create a custom color palette by dragging colour swatches onto any palette. If you need to change this, go to File | Import and then select a new colour palette.

10. Import and export most popular image formats

You can import images from almost any common format including RAW and JPEG. You can also save your work to RAW and JPEG.

11. Built in support for cloud storage

You can save and upload images straight from Photoshop Elements to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive.

12. Viewers and export to multiple sizes

With Photoshop Elements you can zoom in and out of an image, browse, and even compare the original and

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Is there a way to insert commas between commas?

If I have a comma separated list like so:
ids_test_1, ids_test_2, ids_test_3, ids_test_4

How would I go about inserting commas between each comma separated item? So the result would be something like:
ids_test_1, ids_test_2, ids_test_3, ids_test_4,


you can use replace function
$var=”ids_test_1, ids_test_2, ids_test_3, ids_test_4″;
$var=preg_replace(“/\s*,\s*/”,”,, $var);
echo $var;

I was thinking about the situation with the plexiglass in the bed. On my bike I carry a small table saw. I also have a small vice. I have a small box full of hobby steel that I could throw in there. If I lay on my side and lift the lid, it should be quite easy.


Originally Posted by Lance Richter

Other than with that real time cut saw, you might want to find a skip cut torch so you can direct cut wood and make a wheel hub. I recall back in the 70s I made a rear hub on my 70s HD and it was so difficult for me to get it right. It was also when I was hot rolling my own steel on a barrel furnace, starting with a rod. Thats one of the first projects I ever made and rolled steel on. I dont see many people do it anymore.

Thanks Lance,
I hadn’t thought about cutting the wood for the wood seat, etc.
I just get free planks of wood from the mountain biking groups.
That would of course require the use of a real time saw, or a portable one, like a power miter saw.
One advantage of using a portable power saw, is that one can use it in a location where the power tools are not permitted.

Besides, can’t you just cut the bottom of the frame off?
(I have always wanted to do that.)

Well, I’ve been thinking about these things too

What’s New in the Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18?



static int
dump_symbol(yasm_obj *symb, const char *name)
FILE *f;

if (symb->sym_bfd->bfd_info!= NULL) {
if (f = fopen(symb->sym_bfd->bfd_info->filename, “ab”))
if (fwrite(name, strlen(name), 1, f)!= 1) {
yasm_error_set(YASM_ERROR_SYNTAX, N_(“could not write symbol ‘%s'”), name);
return -1;
return 0;
} else {
yasm_error_set(YASM_ERROR_SYNTAX, N_(“bfd not initialized”));
return -1;

yasm_bfd_remove_raw_symbol(yasm_symrec *sym)
static yasm_symrec badsym = {0, YASM_SI_UND, 0};

/* Find the new bfd symbol name */
if (sym->basenamelen == 0) {
sym->basenamelen = 256;
if (sym->numbase!= 0) {
if (sym->numbase basenamelen) {

System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2015 Version 18:

Windows XP SP2 or later
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
32-bit or 64-bit (except 64-bit for Windows XP)
Pentium 4 or above (recommended minimum is 1.2 Ghz)
1 GB (1 GB for Vista)
Screen Resolution:
1280×1024 or higher
Hard Drive:
Dependant on the application

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