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Large amounts of info are stored in organized databases, which can either be online or offline. However, you too can keep info in different categories to find it when needed, and if you need to perform this on your own computer, then applications like Personal File Database are sure to help you out.
Simple visuals quickly get you up and running
On launch, the application asks for a location to save the database file, so make sure to pick a secure location, or one you know where to get fast. The main window isn’t much to look at, but aesthetics are not the item of interest here. What’s more, the simplicity in design allows you to quickly get the hang of things.
By default, the database is empty, and the way in which you fill it up is by scanning your computer for the files you need. There’s a simple way to initiate this by simply writing down the name, file mask, and path, with the application retrieving results in a really short while.
Leaves more to be desired
There’s also the possibility to initiate a thorough scan. It’s done in a new window that shows up, with the requirement fields being similar to those of the simple method. In addition, choosing the target location is a bit easier, thanks to the navigation panel. When found, files are shown in a list, with the possibility to select those to insert in your database.
However, there’s not a real sense of control over your items, because categories are automatically created according to search path. Furthermore, entries are only shown for info purposes, and there aren’t any built-in management options, nor the possibility to have the source directory brought up for inspection.
To sum it up
All in all, Personal File Database comes with good intentions, but it gets a bit difficult to create an organized database, especially because you have to play by the application’s rules, with poor category management and no options to edit, remove, or manipulate files in any way.


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Personal File Database Crack For PC

Download personal file database, this small program was developed for example, you can search for desired file and find it easily.


Easy operation,

Fast search and navigate,

Support for multiple windows,

Easy to search and retrieve information,

Good use of color.

What’s New in version

Additional file compartments and increased number of items to search in each file compartment.

Document viewer

Common file formats:


Personal File Database Free Download [Win/Mac]

Personal File Database is a utility application that allows you to save and organize your data in order to find files in a nice, easy manner.
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Personal File Database With License Key Free Download

Personal File Database is a simple application whose primary purpose is to scan your computer for files. This app can do more than just reveal all stored files, because it allows you to also remove, add, rename and move those located in a folder.
How to download and install Personal File Database on Android

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What’s New in the?

A personal file database for Windows built with the very best search engine and user experience available on the market. Create a categorized system of files for fast online searching or offline browsing. Add files in a variety of categories like news, music, videos and pictures. Get organized and find exactly what you want with just a couple of clicks.
Fast searching
Search for text in many supported files and folders, including binary files.
Great user experience
Create, update, delete, view and organize your files in a friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use interface
High performance
Fast searching in thousands of internet files
Go offline
Create a file database to sync with cloud services, have it available from your favorite cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox
Symbolic links
Every file can be linked with a folder or directory, be it temporary or for long term storage
Drag and drop
As easy as dragging and dropping files
Do not scan your computer
Do not scan your computer for files. You are still in control
Manage your files
This software offers a manual file managment system. You can also get more useful info from
Simply add files or folders to be searched to a category. All files and folders within that category are listed by name, file extension, creation and modification dates. To make this a file search, you can also specify search text within a file.
You can create as many categories as you want for every file type. Just drag and drop a file to an open category. The software will make you aware of all files already placed in a category and free up the space for your new file.
Your files can be sorted according to date (creation, modification or date added).
Files can be marked as favourite for quick re-visiting. A list of favourites is shown in the file list. Files can also be assigned to a category. If you remove a file from a category, it will be shown in the marked as favourite list.
This option allows you to view files offline. All online files and folders are displayed on a preview window so that you can easily sort them and manage your files, even when you are offline.
Currently it is possible to view files created with different file formats: HTML, PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, MHTML, MS Office documents, PowerPoint presentations, VCD, VOB, ZIP, JAR, 3GP, 3

System Requirements For Personal File Database:

If you have trouble installing on your computer, please follow the instructions in the
How To Install Guide
To use the ModDB site, you must have cookies enabled in your browser.
The ModDB files have extension and are in the Download Folder.
Click the ModDB logo in the top right corner to choose the mod you would like to download, then right click and choose “Save Link As” to download it to your computer.
Lets get into it, first thing you

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