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It's not uncommon for users to desire to keep a record of certain web pages for offline use. Still, there's rarely any native support for browsers in this particular case. This means your only choice is a third-party application like Okdo Website to Pdf Converter. The name is pretty suggestive with this one. You get to transform any web page into a PDF for offline use.
As far as the provided options are concerned, one can decide whether the new PDFs should be created using a text copy technique or a screenshot image mode. Change the website frame and protect your files with a password. Decide what permissions you want to give to these. Finally, add a watermark to the mix in order to protect your newly created documents.
Users will be happy to hear that it's possible to add a multitude of website links and transform each and every one into a PDF. This bulk conversion mechanism is especially useful when you want to move fast and have lots of links to process. The application itself is simple, user-friendly, meaning you don't have to be an expert in computers to actually use it.







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(1) Okdo Website to Pdf Converter Crack is a utility program that can convert website to pdf, with no.1 conversion quality.
(2)It can convert websites or domain to pdf or website to image format file on your pc.
(3)it is easy to use, save time and easy to maintain.
(4)You can set the color style and the watermark style.

Product Features:

1.It can save websites and email into pdf format file.
2.One click export to pdf.
4.It can recognize the format of the page automatically.
5.Bookmarks,page layout can be configured.

The 21st century has brought more people into the global workplace. This group is comfortable with computers and equipped with the skills needed to conduct business.

But to run a business that needs to compete globally, you will need to support your users with information in your own native language. You need to provide access to your documents and information without relying on a translator.

Getting your website to display for your local users could be as easy as opening your favorite web browser, going to your favorite search engine, and typing a keyword search for your company’s name or product. But what if you need to support people in multiple languages?

From the web to the PC, to the Internet, to the desktop, and to the office—there’s no escaping the online presence. In fact, the web is arguably more important than ever, with users looking to the web for entertainment, education, shopping, and socializing. Because the web has become a major part of people’s daily lives, we’ve seen a corresponding growth in applications designed to make the web easier to use.

For businesses, it’s a matter of transforming the information people read into something that fits the way they work. This is why collaboration tools have become so popular over the last decade. While a document can be created and stored anywhere, collaboration tools can connect users instantly and let them edit or view the document simultaneously in real time.

In a world of email, where a user receives a significant amount of information, the thought of creating and storing a document separately from the email itself can be daunting. The solution is to use

Okdo Website To Pdf Converter Free Download [Win/Mac]

On the other hand, if you’d rather convert the content of your website into a PDF, there’s a dedicated engine in Okdo Website to Pdf Converter.

The app’s interface is straight-forward and very easy to understand. You can access it by scanning a QR code or visiting the homepage. Also, there’s a page for downloading the latest version. Both of these are ideal since you don’t have to manually go to each website. You can start managing them right away. However, this is where the user can say the program is not intuitive. Due to its lack of a built-in searching engine, you’ll need to take a screenshot and copy/paste the URL address manually.

Hence, if you’re new to this, you need to be more focused and precise when doing so. The lack of a drag-and-drop function means that dragging a website link into the application will not work as expected. The process has to be manually performed. This is a drawback, but Okdo Website to Pdf Converter has one more thing that makes it worth considering: bulk conversion.

Yes, it’s really cool that you can copy and paste websites into the application instead of the tedious task of using the built-in URL bar. The only thing it lacks is automatic format conversion. Once you’ve loaded more than a thousand URLs, you may wish to manually enter them into the application.

It will take you a while to complete the job. In fact, you can achieve it within minutes for half a dozen websites. But then, you’ll have to set the time for the process again to complete it.

Okdo Website to Pdf Converter Final Thoughts:

Another important aspect of a good website to PDF converter is its search engine. When it comes to webpage searching, Okdo Website to Pdf Converter is a clear winner. Once you have the links, you can drag and drop them into the program so that conversion can be done right away.

In terms of security, the program has been proved to protect the content of these pages. There’s an option to add watermarks. This means that your recently created PDFs will now be hidden. You can set the watermark to any image, such as a logo, for a better result.

The only downside to this is that the converted documents don’t have any editing tools. You can’t see them and manually change the text, margins, and the like. Another disadvantage

Okdo Website To Pdf Converter Crack +

With Okdo Website to Pdf Converter, users can take a copy of any web page to create a PDF file on their own. Users can also combine the output files into a single PDF for easy sharing. It is very easy to add or convert the links, save it with your own name, change the text, shape, rotate and enlarge the files by using it. With the help of Okdo Website to Pdf Converter, user can download any website page that he loves into a PDF format for the next use. As the converter does not require any software to be installed, you don’t need to worry about virus.The present invention relates to the data processing field in general, and more particularly to a method and an apparatus for bit-exact mathematical cancellation in a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) system.
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What’s New In?

Okdo Website to Pdf Converter is a free software that converts any site to PDF that allows you to convert many sites within a few seconds. This software is very light in use, easy to use and modify, and there is no need to add the site name of a PDF.

Convert Web Pages to PDF – The Simple Way

Improve Accessibility – Protect Your Websites with Watermarks

Download Okdo Website to Pdf Converter – Install & Test


It’s just about a simple application, and it allows you to convert websites into PDFs. There is no need for any complicated additional scripts. The installation process is so simple that you won’t have any difficulties even if you are a beginner. This tool is specifically designed for simply converting the website into PDF.

There’s no limit to the number of sites you want to convert at once. The size of the PDFs can be up to several hundred pages.

A splendid feature is the easy customization of the PDFs. You can add a page that will be added to the PDF as a watermark that will protect your website, and the PDF will be unique.

The software’s interface and navigation are simple. All you have to do is type the web page name into the search box and hit the enter key.

Conversion time can be a bit slow if there are too many sites to convert.

What are the advantages?

It’s better that the application is free of charge.

This software is easy to use.

The interface is easy to use.

The watermark image will protect your website.

The addition of watermark images is a magnificent feature.

It’s super easy to use.

There is no need for a lot of configuration.

What are the disadvantages?

Installation process is a bit tedious.

It’s slow when there are lots of conversions to perform.

Download Okdo Website to Pdf Converter –
File size: 3.78 Mb

Page Spread is a free software that supports itself with the ability to convert any web page into PDF format so that it can be printed. When you install Page Spread, you will soon discover that you have to go through a handful of the options it offers. The application will then be able to support you in converting the site into PDF format. The simple version does not support advanced settings and can only convert a single page

System Requirements:

Windows 7 (64-bit only), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64-bit only), Windows 10 (64-bit only), and Windows 10 Mobile. Internet Explorer 10 or higher. Some features require you to have Internet Explorer 10 or higher and Flash Player version 11 or higher. Some features are only available on certain browsers.
For more information about which features are available on which browsers, click here.
Browser extension technology may not be available in all countries.
The English version of the product manuals may be available for download


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