Notes From The Grooming Table Book Free Download BETTER 😉

Notes From The Grooming Table Book Free Download BETTER 😉

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Notes From The Grooming Table Book Free Download

You can purchase the first edition of the Notes from the Grooming Table at our online store or in the shops of your favorite pet store. You can also subscribe to the Notes From The Grooming Table Learn2Groom course and get all of the content for free!

There are currently nine breeds in Notes From the Grooming Table. My team and I will be adding around 11 more to the list before we are all done. I am also excited to start doing at least one review a week for the Grooming Guide website. I want to share the wealth of knowledge and continue doing what I love doing, reviewing books and sharing them with those in the industry.

Since I started writing about the Bichon Frise I learned quite a bit. One of the most important things I learned was to treat the breed as if it were a full size dog. In an exclusive Notes From The Grooming Table in its September 2011 edition I wrote about how the breed is always considered a tiny dog in the industry.

Truth be told, I was very scared to start writing the book. I was afraid of making a mistake and ending up with an unusable book. I knew if I was going to go down this path, I had to be able to prove it to Marc. I had to know the information was reliable enough for other breeders to use. Its been an incredible learning experience. I say that not just because I use that phrase all the time. I really mean it this time because every single person who has used Notes has not only acknowledged the quality of the book but expressed their appreciation for its content.

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