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Importing and Exporting

The Import/Export dialog box enables you to bring content into Photoshop and to move content to other applications. The Import command enables you to create a new layer for each object in your image. This allows you to assign a file as the background for that particular layer. After you export the layers from Photoshop, you can place those layers in other Photoshop documents.

The following sections show you how to import and export between Photoshop and other applications.

The Import/Export settings apply to the entire image. If you import an image and then decide to crop it or place it into another document, you can change your Import/Export settings again. You can’t update Import/Export settings on individual layers.

When you import an image into Photoshop, the Import/Export settings are saved to the catalog, which enables you to reset Import/Export settings later. Thus, you can import several images and use the same settings for them all.

Applying Import/Export settings

In the Import/Export settings, you can set the following:

File type: The file type you want to import. You can select any of the following: JPEG, JPEG-2000, JPEG-LS, TIFF, GIF, or PNG.

• If you’re using Photoshop CS6, you can change the image’s resolution on import.

• If you’re using Photoshop CS6, you can change the file’s compression quality on import.

• If you’re using Photoshop CS6, you can choose whether to include an image’s embedded metadata (Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data).

• Click the Details button and select whether to add a watermark to your image.

Date: The date at which the images were saved.

• Include: The Include option determines whether or not you want to include a thumbnail when the image is imported.

You can leave this option turned off to create a file called a placeholder file, which enables you to import a file directly into Photoshop and place it on a new layer.

• Thumbnails: The Thumbnails option enables you to add a thumbnail (a scaled version of the image) to the layer you create when importing.

• Display: Select one of the following options:

• Click a thumbnail image to apply that thumbnail.

• Use these default settings to ignore the image and use the thumbnails embedded in the file.

• Display the entire document

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Photoshop Elements and Photoshop are different products, with different capabilities, but they are often used interchangeably. How do you tell them apart?

Photoshop Elements is typically bought together with Photoshop, as they are both part of the same product.

The user interface is also very similar. They are both able to be run from the Windows Start menu.

Differences between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop

As these two products are members of the same software family, they use the same interface, and both use the same graphic editor. However, there are some differences in their capabilities.

First of all, in Photoshop, the Camera Raw plug-in is integrated.

The biggest difference is the tools. Photoshop Elements uses what Adobe call basic tools, while Photoshop uses the more powerful Photoshop tools.

The most obvious difference is the Brush Tool. This replaces the Pencil tool, and can be used to paint a new or old brush or select the color for any new selection.

The Brush Tool can also add text, gradients and a number of other new tools.

A new feature in this release is the Patchwork tool. This is used for applying highlights and shadows. It is similar to the Clone Stamp tool, and can easily be mistaken for it by novices.

The Clone Stamp tool is used for creating a clone from the current active layer. By using multiple clones, you can paint over areas of the image, or use the same tools to paint on different areas of the image.

Patchwork has a similar way of working, but it is used to apply a number of different layers to a single area of the image.

Removal of the Curves tool, and a new Gradient tool called the Gradient Tool

The new Gradient Tool is also used to paint with a gradient. However, it is much faster and more dynamic than the traditional pen tool.

The Gradient tool has a number of different uses, including painting with angles, changing colors or positions on a canvas, or creating a new layer in which to paint.

Removal of the Puppet Warp tool.

The Puppet Warp tool has been replaced with a new Magic Wand tool. This is used for applying a selection to a single area of the image. It can also be used to fix the background color of the image.

The Healing Brush tool has been moved. In previous versions, it was placed near the Color panel. This has

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Can [Java] be disallowed as a tag synonym?

There is a java tag synonym with the following description:

Questions relating to programming in Java, the programming language as a whole, or using Java for any purpose.

However, java is a Java related language, which may have confused some users that such a tag was valid.
I would like to add one more case that isn’t listed in the description:


That is a valid synonym.
Java is a programming language. So is C#, for example.
All languages are related in some respect.
Most questions will be about the java programming language itself, but if it’s used for a particular purpose that’s a separate question, which should be tagged with the applicable language.


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The description of this synonym states,

Questions relating to programming in Java, the programming language as a whole, or using Java for any purpose.

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I think what the description should be amended to is

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This is a valid synonym, but I’d suggest making it a tad more restrictive so that it would apply to a smaller set of questions. As it is it could apply to any question about programming in Java or using Java.
I think the following is a more specific description and will therefore be a better synonym:
Questions about programming in Java, or the use of Java for any purpose.
(The above description could apply to questions relating to a specific Java library as well as questions relating to Java itself.)

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