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Genius For Windows (Final 2022)

For those tired of switching between programs and noticing the scraps of information you want to keep scattered around the desktop, Genius Clipboard is the best solution. In a few clicks, you can access the clipboard history, which will open a window to show you the whole history of your recent clipboard entries. Thanks to the application’s system-wide settings, you can change the length of the history, as well as set preferences on the search speed.
The app also features the best shortcuts possible for any copy and paste operation. For instance, you can capture the text of a website, paste it into a document, or access the history directly from the app’s main window. All in all, Genius Clipboard does its job with little to no effort, and does so in a way that is intuitive.
The app uses themes and icons to enhance the overall experience, so you can easily choose which application will be used in the system.

How to transfer files from PC to PC

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What is Genius?
Genius is a cross-platform clipboard manager for Windows and Mac that you can use to tag, highlight, copy, and paste anything on your screen.
It can sync clipboard data between Mac and Windows and helps you easily copy text, images, files, URLs, and even audio, videos, or anything else on your screen.
The software automatically tags the clip with the appropriate text, keywords, or tags so you can find it easily, even after it has been copied.
In addition to syncing your clips across your devices, Genius is easy to use and customize to fit your needs. You can set time and date reminders, create custom keyboard shortcuts, and manage clip history.
You can also integrate Genius into your Dashboard, making it easy to open clips on Mac and Windows. Just press a button to toggle between the two.
What Are the Key Features?
Consolidated Clipboard
A cross-platform clipboard manager, Genius helps you quickly copy and paste information to and from your computer.
You can use Genius to add tags to clips to quickly find clips that contain specific keywords or information later.
Keyboard Shortcuts
You can assign keyboard shortcuts to many different functions on your computer.
Remote Clipboard Access
You can access your clips remotely from a variety of devices.
Download Genius from the Mac App Store
Download Genius from the Windows Store
Is There any Alternatives?
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Ultra Clipboard
Ultra Clipboard can transfer text, numbers, links, images, and files to and from your computer.
Features include being able to organize your clips, add tags, and add notes.
It also allows you to access clips from any device.
Photo Clipboard
A very powerful clipboard manager that syncs photos, videos, and web URLs from the web browser of your iPad or iPhone to your desktop computer.
It’s available for Windows and Mac computers.
Share and instantly clip images, videos, and documents across your desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices.
For Mac users:
Apple offers an online service called iCloud. It allows you to automatically back up files from your Mac to servers in the cloud. It’s a very useful feature that ensures that your files are backed up and available in the event of a hard drive crash.
iCloud has made every Mac device part of a large “family” of devices. This


You don’t have to be a writer or a programmer to understand and appreciate just how versatile and useful a clipboard manager can be in various situations. If you ever had to switch back and forth between your browser or a document or an app, copying and pasting multiple clips of information without a clipboard manager, then you know what we’re talking about.

Non-impressive yet surprisingly competent clipboard manager Don’t let yourself be deceived by its mundane, almost bland-looking user interface, as this lightweight clipboard manager has a lot of things going for it. We’ll start off with two very important elements for apps such as these, namely taskbar integration and support for system-wide shortcuts, both instrumental in making sure that your clipboard entries are always well within your reach. From the taskbar menu, you can turn off or pause the app, access its Settings section, clear or access the history, show the utility’s main window, the works. Customizable keyboard shortcuts and support for a few common formats On the hot-key front, things are just as good, as the app allows you to customize shortcuts for useful operations. For instance, you can clear the history, paste the last entry, access the history menu, the Settings section, as well as summon the app’s main window with the help of your computer’s keyboard. It also comes with support for text, HTML, images, and most other formats. There’s also an option for quickly opening the items from your clipboard history using the Explorer. Mind you, not all formats are fully compatible with this tiny clipboard manager, but you are provided with the possibility to export the entries as files. Not the best, but definitely better than many In conclusion, Genius is an efficient and non-impressive clipboard manager that gets a lot of things right. Granted, it may not be the most feature-packed, the most polished or eye-catching tool of this sort, but, all things considered, it does a decent job, in spite of a few bugs here and there.

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It’s good, but not the greatest in my opinion. It does have a few really cool features like the clipboard history setting (which auto fills in the copied text from the web browser in the clipboard), clipboard time function, settings and a few other things.

It’s also integrated into the Taskbar and can be started at the click of a button.

Genius Description: You don’t have to be a writer or a programmer to understand and appreciate just

What’s New in the Genius?

Genius is the most recommended and widely used Windows clipboard manager. This fully featured clipboard manager is especially useful for copy/paste of sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.
Genius Features:
+ Clipboard history of almost every file format supported.
+ Global shortcut for copying/pasting of clipboards.
+ Clear all clipboard items
+ Save clipboard items into ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR and TAR.GZ archives
+ Export clipboard items as files with full features.
+ Clipboard panel that is usable on almost all window types.
+ Good integration into popular applications for cutting, copying and pasting of sensitive information.
+ General and specific keyboard shortcuts for operating the clipboard manager.
+ Works with most all versions of Windows (2000/XP/2003/Vista).
+ Also works with most all versions of Windows (2000/XP/2003/Vista).
+ Command line utility to automate clipboard changes.
+ Remove annoying windows when pasting with keyboard.
+ DOS prompt utility
+ Special icon available to change color and modify alert settings.
+ Configurable notification sound
+ Configurable notification message.
+ Configurable notification window title.
Genius Requirements:
Genius is a multi-threading freeware.
Genius Installation:
After download, run the executable file to install the program, otherwise double-click the shortcut to run the installation.

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System Requirements For Genius:

1. A PC with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU or better
2. DirectX 9 hardware and software
3. At least 512MB of RAM
4. Hard Drive of at least 4GB or larger
5. Internet Connection
6. Microsoft’s Novell NetWare 7 operating system
How to play:
1. Select from the drop down list, the user you want to be your host. (You are a virtual host)
2. Click on the link that says “Invite guest.�

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