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The gameplay captures the essence of the real-life ball-in-play at maximum speed (see “FIFA 22 Gameplay” video below).

Based on the data collected from the motion capture data and over 1000 player models, each player carries an in-game reactive attribute score, a real-time normalized Position Specific Activity rating, for every ball that touches their feet.

There are three main attributes and three secondary attributes.

Attacker attributes are based on the raw data. For example, if you score a goal and your opponent reacts quickly, your attacking attributes will improve.

Defenders attributes are used to determine who will contribute most in pressing, on-the-ball actions, or provide a numerical advantage through positioning. For example, a defender who is higher up the pitch will have higher defensive attributes and be more likely to block a shot, while a defender who is further forward will get more shots on goal.

Rosters are used to identify specific players for new coaching ideas. For example, if a player has only played for one team, you can assign coaching points to the new club.

Supports: Contains attributes that determine if a player is likely to hold a position on the pitch. For example, a “holder” is more likely to stick with the central defender when that defence is losing the ball.

Finally, we have player attributes. These reflect real-life traits that create natural division into defensive midfielders, box-to-box midfielders, or players who can play multiple positions, from deep playmakers to wingers and full-backs.


FIFA 22 introduces a new, completely overhauled player-character creator, for a complete, player-first experience. You can now select a variety of international player faces, including players from the world’s top leagues.

The Edit Face feature allows you to change the appearance of your facial features. This includes head shape and facial proportion, and new features such as nose length, lip size and shape.

FIFA 22 introduces a more detailed and personalised appearance – including facial expression and each player’s own icon. With new accessories such as the traditional black eye liner, the new customization options offer the player more ways to express themselves on the pitch.

You can now choose to include players’ haircuts in the Player Creator. This


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 highlights on EA Sports FIFA TV: Available for both consoles and PC.
  • National team players have been updated for each region to celebrate their home matches.
  • New goals, celebrations and saves.
  • New controls and D.P.O.M. (Direct Play of the Month).
  • New gameplay engine powered by the world-renowned Frostbite Engine.
  • New abilities, celebrations and formation-specific movement animations.
  • Four new stadiums and three new arenas.
  • New player model and face.
  • Improved lighting and weather effects.
  • The official match ball used worldwide will also be available in retail this year.
  • New content, presentation and other features.

Key Features…

  • Live on EA SPORTS FIFA TV. Watch and share your favorite gameplay moments, like top goal-scorers and saves in the World Cup and in the Champions League.
  • FIFA 22 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • Individual player kits for 14 national team players have been updated and selected by each country’s national team manager for each of the big annual tournaments.
  • New take on the rivalry with English clubs in the EA SPORTS Fifa Team Challenges.
  • The new four-year cycle. A fresh set of clubs means you will never be left on the outside looking in, joining new, old, and local clubs. It’s the one-stop shop of football that doesn’t stop
  • Boost your squad deeper with FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.


Fifa 22 For Windows

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports series and is now in its 26th year on the PlayStation® platform. In the highly acclaimed franchise, players master the art of pure skill by controlling a player using the left analog stick, directing him with a variety of kicks, crosses, headers, and volleys; observe the game’s dynamic and ever-evolving game play with intelligent A.I. and a collection of over 350 licensed clubs; and connect with a global community of more than 190 million players, through a platform that allows them to easily upload and share their skill and style across numerous social media channels.

FIFA delivers immersive, unrivalled game play moments. You choose your formation, team and tactics to make your dream game happen. Deliver a perfect free kick and watch the ball fly through the crowd. Run with the ball to create space and score a goal. Master defensive and offensive tactics and create what’s possible.

It’s all about you. The player.

Take on the responsibilities of your favorite club. Create your own path and select your tactics like never before, drawing inspiration from over 350 official club squads across the globe. A proven game-changing innovation which uses AI to create the most intelligent opponent ever seen in the FIFA series. Discover new ways to score with deadly counter-attacking and how to use the game’s new “new rules” such as new set-pieces, offsides and throw-ins. Plus, learn how to benefit from physical and stamina features, and master skills such as new “two-handed” penalties.

The pitch is alive.


Exclusively on the PlayStation®4 Pro system, this year’s game features a range of innovations designed to make FIFA more immersive than ever.


Introducing FIFA’s first-ever Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Pro Clubs.

Players can now choose from more than 20 Pro Clubs in the build-up to an elite international competition or from a range of European domestic clubs. This new service allows fans to follow their favorite club as they rise through the ranks from the youth to the professional level, as well as supporting players from around the world.

Players can choose one of the 20 Pro Clubs and then go through different levels of competition, all the way up to a competition like the UEFA Champions League or Copa Liber


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FIFA Ultimate Team brings the FIFA experience to a new level, as you’ll get the most out of your footballing adventures with FIFA Ultimate Team. Whether you’re a new manager or a longtime fan, Ultimate Team gives you the unique ability to create your own dream team of the greatest footballers and players on the planet, from Ronaldo to Neymar, and Messi to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Build the team to your exact style, by collecting players and making decisions throughout your career. Create your dream team and dominate in EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team, now in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 brings you the deepest, truest football experience on the planet – now on PlayStation 4. Available for download from the PlayStation Store

HOW YOU MANAGE – Live out your dreams as a manager in FIFA 22. Choose from a list of more than 50 clubs from across the globe. Find the land of your dreams and create a club based on your ideas and aspirations. Find the perfect stadium and style your kits, before you compete in friendly matches against real-world opposition.

HOW YOU PLAY – Live out your dreams as a Pro in FIFA 22. Create the new benchmark on the pitch as a player – whether you’re a natural, hard-working midfielder or a highly skilled attacking star. Start and play as a striker in front of the goal, pick your preferred position, and change formations to adapt your style of play.

HOW YOU COMPETE – Live out your dreams as a Pro in FIFA 22. Go head to head with your friends in Player Matches. With more than 30 competitions available in Career mode, you can play your way through the FUT Pro League, build your Fantasy team, compete as a Club, or test your skills against the world’s best in FIFA Ultimate Team.

THE FUT METRIC – Score with a precise new, more accurate form of the game’s most popular statistics. Get more out of the game as your own individual unique player with FIFA Ultimate Team. Track every interaction with the ball, every shot taken, every cross, every tackle, every passing success, every successful dribble, etc. Follow your own path through the game with the FIFA 22 form of the game’s most popular stats, the FUT Metric.

THOUSANDS OF TEAMS – Play in 38 leagues, with nearly 1,400 teams, from every corner of the globe. Compete in some


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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