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There are not enough measures you can take when it comes to protecting your most important files. Whether you hide them from prying eyes or prefer to encrypt or password-protect them, you got all these tools at your disposal in EaseUS LockMyFile.
With a little help from this particular application, you can protect your files, folders, shared directories and even external disks, flash and USB drives. While they do not specify the exact algorithm, its developers promise that EaseUS LockMyFile relies on military-grade encryption to put a lock on your most precious data.
Hide files, directories or drives 
Working with EaseUS LockMyFile is not difficult at all, but note that the application requires a system restart to function properly, which, frankly, is quite annoying. The left-side panel offers shortcuts to all the available tools and settings, allowing you to choose the one to use.
EaseUS LockMyFile can hide and unhide files, folders and drives, displaying all the hidden items in a list. You will notice that the items in this list disappear from their location as soon as you toggle the “hidden” property on. Hidden data cannot be seen or found in the search results, not even in Safe Mode.
File protection and locking  
If you want your files to stay visible but prevent free access to them, then locking or protecting them is the way to go. The difference is that a protected file can be read by others, but it cannot be modified or deleted, whereas locked files are impossible to access without the password. Shared folders and external disks can also be locked.
It is worth noting that EaseUS LockMyFile comes with a self-protection mode. That means that when the password is entered wrong for more than five times, you automatically get a notification via email.
To make sure you take quick action to protect your files, you can monitor a folder for changes. This way, you get notified when a new file is transferred in the monitored location, to encrypt it quickly.
Encrypt and shred files and folders on your PC 
Last but not least, EaseUS LockMyFile comes with additional tools for encrypting and shredding files. Both are intuitive and easy to use.  
The encryption tool can bundle several files in a GFL or an EXE file, which are then saved locally. On the other hand, the file shredder allows you to get rid of files and folders you no longer need, while making sure they are impossible to recover.







EaseUS LockMyFile Crack Download

EaseUS LockMyFile is the application you need to encrypt, protect, and shred your data in a few clicks

Preserves the structure of your files, folders and drives

Provides local as well as cloud options for data protection

Allows you to monitor the status of your data protection

Protects your data from accidental deletion, storage errors, system issues and others

Helps you protect your privacy and data from unsolicited access

Comes with a self-protection mode to notify you when the password is entered wrong more than 5 times

Makes sure that you do not have to manage multiple third-party protection solutions

Provides an auto-encrypter module that can combine files into one file

Shreds files & folders to ensure permanent deletion

Recover files from trash, your smartphone and other storage devices

EaseUS LockMyFile

EaseUS LockMyFile

EaseUS LockMyFile

Support and instructions:

Always keep a backup of the files you want to protect, encrypt or shred.

EaseUS LockMyFile

EaseUS LockMyFile – Proof of concept video

EaseUS LockMyFile – Scan any removable device

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EaseUS LockMyFile Crack +

EaseUS LockMyFile Crack For Windows is a free file-encryption utility that combines a file-shredding tool with a few file-protection features. To use this app, you first need to install it and restart your system. Once it has loaded, you can easily encrypt and destroy files or folders. At the same time, you can secure files on external drives. You can also set up a password for each file, folder or external drive.
For file-encryption, you can choose the type of encryption, the password for encryption and the number of encryption attempts. You can also choose the location to save the encrypted files and the location to move the encrypted files when you want to delete them.
For file shredding, you can select the amount of time you want to postpone deleting files, and you can set a password for this action. At the same time, it uses a built-in file shredder to wipe your files.
EaseUS LockMyFile Pros:
It offers a self-protection mode.
File-encryption tools work fast and securely.
You can shred and encrypt files or folders on a single button.
You can easily share folders with friends, colleagues or a cloud service.
EaseUS LockMyFile Cons:
The process of encrypting and shredding files can take a while, depending on your system.
Also, as EaseUS LockMyFile uses Microsoft’s own shredder, it does not offer much customization.

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EaseUS LockMyFile Crack + Full Product Key

A powerful tool to protect your most valuable data
■ Hide files, folders and drives
■ Protect files and folders on computers, external drives and USB drives
■ Monitor folders for changes
■ Read encrypted or locked files when the password is entered
■ Shred files securely
■ Send notification on the 10 wrong password attempts
■ Self-protection mode for ensuring quick action
■ Encrypt and shred files
■ Encrypt GFL and EXE files
■ Search for files on the Internet
■ Create different encryption keys
■ Allow login and logout easily from the icon
■ Hide duplicates of files or folders in the target location
■ Quick Search, Password recovery, Protect new files, MOVE files to protect.
■ GFL/EXE files can be easily managed with 7zip
■ Security level and security strength
■ Compatible with Windows 10
■ Full function for Windows 8, 8.1, 7
■ Self-protection: 5 wrong entries; send notification
■ Encryption algorithm: AES-256-CTS-HMAC-SHA-512
■ Shredding algorithm: Zero Memory
■ Decryption algorithm: AES-256
■ Maximum protected file size: 32 MB
■ Maximum protected files at the same time: 64
■ Memory cache: 16 MB
■ Start-up memory: 200 KB
■ Quick Search: Control panel -> Internet Options -> Content -> download history
■ Password recovery (if file is protected): Control panel -> Internet Options -> Content -> download history
■ Protect new files: Remove duplicate files in the target folder in advance
■ MOVE files to protect: Move temporary files to a dedicated folder in advance and then hide it.
■ SYNC to protect: Sync all synced files to a remote server in advance and then hide them
■ Files and folder options: The target location is specified as the target location. If the target location is not provided, the selected folder will be as the target location.
■ Share/Unshare target folder: Unshare target folder
■ Selective sharing target folder: Only share a part of the target folder
■ Send notification by email: Indicate which files should be protected. If the protected files are successfully encrypted, they will appear on the email, which will be encrypted by your e-mail client.
■ Single sign-on authentication: Open the folder with high security level in advance and then quickly log in. You can also open the shared folder by clicking on the folder.

What’s New In EaseUS LockMyFile?

File Locker works with Windows, macOS, Linux, FAT, NTFS, and exFAT systems. It includes a built-in locker for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Program can be used as a system or portable application. It can run inside the background and hide Windows system processes.
The following versions are available:
EaseUS File Locker Free Full Version
EaseUS File Locker 7 Download
EaseUS File Locker 8 Download
EaseUS File Locker 8 Download
EaseUS File Locker 8 Download
EaseUS File Locker 7 Download
EaseUS File Locker 7 Download
EaseUS File Locker 6 Download
EaseUS File Locker 6 Download
EaseUS File Locker 5 Download
EaseUS File Locker 5 Download
EaseUS File Locker 4 Download
EaseUS File Locker 4 Download
EaseUS File Locker 3 Download
EaseUS File Locker 2 Download
EaseUS File Locker Free Download
EaseUS File Locker 2 Download
EaseUS File Locker 1 Download
Lite Version
EaseUS File Locker Lite Version
It can lock and unlock files of many types including:
Video, picture, music, video, text, binary file and document file. User can select the file format and file type. It is very easy to use.
See more at

This tool fully optimizes the video with a sharp edged to fit the playlist, no matter the size of the clip. It also detects the type

System Requirements For EaseUS LockMyFile:

Minimum Requirements:
NOTE: The minimum system requirements listed are to run the game. They are not the requirements for the game to look and play better. For a more detailed look at the minimum requirements to run the game please see the System Requirements Guidelines.
Minimum Specs:
CPU: 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD dual core
Recommended Specs:
CPU: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
NOTE: All versions of the game will


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