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Photoshop Commands

A common misunderstanding about Photoshop is that it is based on the concept of layers. While Photoshop does use layers in its display, a layer is not necessarily part of the rendering process.

Instead, Photoshop is based on what Adobe calls commands. The concept is similar to Unix shells such as bash or zsh. Photoshop’s command system allows users to create, open, modify, or view layers and apply, erase, or create masks for specific elements in the image.

A few key Photoshop commands are the basic operations that Photoshop users do most often. It can be intimidating to grasp, but its concepts are accessible, and you’ll soon become adept at using them for basic tasks.

Copy and Paste Layers

A common Photoshop command users perform is to duplicate, or copy, a layer and paste it somewhere else in the image.

To duplicate a layer, just drag it over to create a new layer and click OK on the menu bar that comes up with the new layer’s name.

However, there are different ways to duplicate or move layers.

Copy and Paste Layers on Top of Another Layer

1. Create a New Layer

2. Choose Edit | Copy

3. Click the eye icon in the layer to select just that layer and copy it

4. Double-click the layer that you want the new layer to be on top of to “paste” the copied layer on to the new layer

5. Edit | Paste to paste the layer on the new layer in the exact same location

Note, when you first copy a layer, it is active (selected) and can be edited just like any other layer. However, after it’s been copied, it’s still just a layer you can paste and move it in and out of any other layer.

Duplicate a Layer by Pasting

1. Click the eye icon in the layer to select just that layer

2. Click Edit | Duplicate Layer

3. Click to select the new layer

4. Click to select the layer you want to duplicate to the new layer

5. Click OK on the menu bar to paste the duplicate layer on to the new layer

Duplicate a Layer with a Mask

1. Click the eye icon in the layer to select just that layer

2. Click Edit | Duplicate Layer

3. Click the mask icon to switch to the masked

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May 26, 2020

Adobe Photoshop, while not the only image editing software available, is the one used by many. If you’re looking to do the most powerful editing of images or create new high-quality images, you’re likely to be using Photoshop. This guide will teach you everything about Photoshop.

You can always use these techniques to modify other photos too, such as these.

This guide will teach you:

how to duplicate and move and resize images

how to use Photoshop’s undo command

how to use Photoshop’s Pathfinder tool

how to use Photoshop’s lighting tools

the best way to create and edit images using Photoshop

how to blend images together

how to use Photoshop’s brush tools

how to use Photoshop’s filters

how to use Photoshop’s selection tools

how to create and save images in Photoshop

how to make sure you get the best quality out of your images

Should You Use Photoshop?

You might be thinking that Photoshop isn’t for you if you’ve been working with pictures in digital format for a while. Perhaps you know Photoshop well but never imagined you’d need to edit your own photos?

For a lot of people who make images on a day-to-day basis, like they do jobs, Photoshop is a better choice for editing images.

The reason is that Photoshop has the ability to make adjustments to any part of an image. If you’re working with film, you can make the same kind of adjustments that will make a big difference. Photographers and graphic designers will often create and edit both digital and film imagery.

If, however, you’re looking to create your own images for use online, in a book, or in other publications, or you’re looking to take the images that you’ve made offline and share them, other programs might be better for you. For example,

InDesign, which is used by many media companies, including newspaper publishers and magazine publishers, is a program made for creating printed documents.

Adobe InDesign is often better than Photoshop for creating printed documents.

InDesign was created by Adobe. It’s very different to Photoshop but it’s a fully-fledged program with many of the same editing options.

Could you use both? Absolutely

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QPushbutton in QTableView not working – stylus or DirectInput?

I’ve been trying to get a QPushButton to work in QTableView for almost a week now and couldn’t figure it out. It is working fine for stylus, but not working for DirectInput. I’ve been hunting google for a solution, but no luck. It seems like it can work both ways, but I can’t seem to get it to work both ways. Does anyone know what might be the issue?
Here’s the minimal code sample:
Qt is 4.7.4
Qt Creator is 3.

What’s New in the?


Most appropriate way to deep clone object in R

Is there some way to deeply clone an object (ie. clone(attr = TRUE)), avoiding copying or recreating objects, attributes, classes, constructors, etc.?


You can make a copy constructor in C++ or a deep copy in C#, or you can do that yourself when needed:
class DeepCopier {
typedef… DeepCopyable;

DeepCopier(DeepCopyable& toCopy) {
// deep copy attributes

toCopy = DeepCopy();
// deep copy methods


class Foo {
int i;

void DeepCopy() {
i =…;


// deep copy constructor
Foo(const Foo& other) {


An R solution is to use the R package clone.


There is a package called clone that provides a function to do deep-copy of R objects. Try either clone(obj1, envir=parent.frame()) or clone(obj2, parent.frame()).
If the question is more about cloning, and not about object deep-copy, then use this code (copied from?clone):
class DeepCopy {
constructor(x) {
this.x = x;

copy() {
// Make a copy of x, and assign it to a local copy
// of this object. If x is a list, sublists will
// be created from each element.
var n = x.length, i = 0;
var copy = new Array(n);

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