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##…And The Not-So-Good Stuff

* Think of Photoshop as having two parts: the actual application and the layers. Think of a layer as an area that covers a specific area of your image. The layers can be transparent, which means the image covered by the layer is still visible (that is, if you can see through the layer to the image underneath it).

* The Paint Bucket tool is the primary way to “paint” areas of your image with any color or gradient. Think of it as the equivalent of the paintbrush in paint programs.

* If you have a camera on your computer, you should know that you can use it to save files. This is faster than using Photoshop, but it’s not really recommended for scanning.

* Check out the crop tool, which allows you to choose different shapes of the original image that can be used to remove unwanted areas.

* You can create new layers to place things in the correct position. You’ll find that these layers start out with “None” as the layer name; once you’ve added something to the layer, you can rename it to something you want.

# Chapter 2. The Basics

No matter what your experience level is, there are a few things that are important to learn right from the start. The first and simplest way to create an image is with the Basic tool

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Besides the free and paid features, theres a choice of monthly or yearly subscription to be able to use the app without limitations. Once you move past the free features, youll need a monthly subscription to get some of the paid functionality.

I love to use Photoshop, but Im not always using the whole version of it. Photoshop Elements is so much easier to use, and its much less stressful.

Free Photoshop Elements

Weve got quite a few reviews of Photoshop Elements around the web. Its in the Official Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Its got over 30,00040,000 downloads.

You can also buy it in Google Play. Its here. And in the Amazon Appstore.

The app is free. You can only use the app for twenty-four hours from when you open the app. To use Photoshop Elements, youll need a 24-hour subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.

But, you can try the free trial version. Thats a good place to start. You can only use the trial for twenty-four hours after you open the app.

The free trial version of Photoshop Elements doesnt include any photo editing or graphic design features. Only basic image editing is in the free trial.

Therefore, you cant use the app for the full potential of what you can do with the app, or any of the paid features. But you can give it a shot to see what the app is like.

Lets look at the features.

Basic Tools

It has some basic tools. You can resize, crop, rotate, apply filters, a pencil, paintbrush, brush, eraser, straighten, adjust color, and more.

And there are plenty of options for more advanced adjustments:

The same adjustments are available in the paid version of Photoshop Elements.

The paid version gives you different options.

And you can make adjustments to the fill area, like a selection, or to the entire image.

You can make selections manually or with the Quick Selection tool.

Manual Selection

Quick Selection Tool

You can blur images with the Photoshop Elements Blur feature.

Creating Clipping Masks

Heres how you create a clipping mask with Photoshop Elements.

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How do I get the number of rows selected (or reference the row in an activity for reuse)

Here is the code I have tried, but it will not compile (you are not allocating the variable ‘rows’):
def switchcase1(self, rows):
if rows == 0:
return some_string
return some_string

def Switchcase2(self, rows):
if rows == 0:
# how do I get the count of the rows selected?
return some_string
# how do I get a reference to a row in the same activity?
# this will fail as ‘rows’ is not allocated
rows = self.get_rows()
return some_string

how can I get the number of rows selected, or get a reference to a row in the same activity?


In your other function, simply get that from your row object. For example,
def Switchcase2(self, rows):
if rows == 0:
# how do I get the count of the rows selected?
return some_string
# how do I get a reference to a row in the same activity?
# this will fail as ‘rows’ is not allocated
row = self.get_row()
return some_string

If you need this in a separate method, you can assign the row object to a variable in your method and use that. For example,
def Switchcase2(self, rows):
row = self.get_row()
if rows == 0:
# how do I get the count of the rows selected?
return some_string

What’s New In Photoshop Cc 2020 Actions Free Download?

* **Pen** : The Pen tool helps you draw or paint an object or a pattern onto a selection (to create a vector object) or onto an image (to create an EPS object). These objects are then drawn, edited, or modified (with other tools) to create art, logos, or illustrations.
* **Pencil** : This tool is similar to the Pen tool, except that it lets you draw with regular ink. You can also draw lines with the Pen tool and use the erase tool to remove them. You can’t use the pencil tool in the same way as the Pen tool.
* **Lasso** : Use the Lasso tool to make, move, and define a rectangular selectionsimilar to selecting a rectangle on your paper with a marker. It can also be used to select an area of an image for moving, replacing, and moving again.
* **Ellipse and Polygon** : For creating round objects, you can use the Ellipse tool to draw or use the Polygon tool to create an object. You can convert a shape into a symbol by holding down the Shift key as you click on the symbol.
* **Free Transform** : You use this tool to distort and scale an image. You can move, rotate, and skew the edges or corners of an image, as shown in Figure 11-1.
* **Marquee** : This tool allows you to select a rectangular region of an image and move it across the page.
* **Hand tool** : The Hand tool lets you move an object, change its color, blur the image, or move it around the canvas.
* **Window** : This tool’s primary function is to change the properties of layers or an active selection. You can resize the selection window, change its opacity, change the highlight color, enable or disable the active selection, or grab or place points and lines.
* **File** : This tool’s primary function is to close a selection, open a file, or open and save a document. You can also use this tool to convert the selected area into a brush, and vice versa.
* **Crop** : Use this tool to make changes to an image and crop it.

In addition, Photoshop has a large selection of fill and stroke (text) tools, as well as multiple filters (see the “Filters, Vectors

System Requirements For Photoshop Cc 2020 Actions Free Download:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100U CPU @ 1.70GHz (2.5 GHz) or faster
Disk space: 300 MB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, OpenGL 4.3, OpenCL 1.2
Networking: Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
Network: In-Home Broadband
Screen: 1920×1080 Display, 16:9 aspect ratio
Input: Mouse, Keyboard
Recommended Settings:

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