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AutoClipClear is a small utility designed to help us clear the Clipboard more quickly. When AutoClipClear is run it will clear the Clipboard, i.e. close all open windows, stop programs that are sending data to the clipboard, and then place the content into the Windows clipboard.
Why do we even need this utility? We frequently copy large amounts of data and all to often find the Clipboard quickly becomes cluttered with various unwanted objects, like emails, tasks, and other non-text objects.
It could also be used in conjunction with other tools designed to clear the Clipboard, such as ClipCommand, or just to write your own scripts.
AutoClipClear features:
– Automatically Clear the Clipboard when the computer is idle for a given amount of time.
– Automatically Clear the Clipboard when the computer is idle, when a program is started, or when a program is closed.
– Automatically clear the Clipboard when your screen saver is run.
– AutoClipClear can be configured to run when the computer reboots.
– AutoClipClear will clear the Clipboard even if you have it opened.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard if you are doing some other operation, e.g., moving a file on the hard drive.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard if you are currently typing something in a program (we assume that you don’t want to clear the Clipboard as you are typing).
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard if you press the hotkey CTRL+C. This is useful, as we frequently use CTRL+C to copy something from web browsers.
– AutoClipClear will clear the Clipboard when a program closes.
– AutoClipClear will clear the Clipboard when an image is copied.
– AutoClipClear will clear the Clipboard when a new email is received.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard when a file on the hard drive is copied.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard when you are moving a file from one location to another.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard when you are copying something to the clipboard.
– AutoClipClear will not clear the Clipboard when you press CTRL+X or CTRL+C in a program.
– AutoClipClear will

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Use an operation based on the clipboard to remove the contents automatically.
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What’s New in the?

frees up memory by clearing the clipboard immediately; however, this might close windows in the background.

16. Disk Cleaner 2016

Disk Cleaner 2016 is another software developed by Zemana. It is an effective freeware that scans your computers and allows you to clean your free space. It’s easy to use, it identifies and deletes the files which take maximum space on your PC.

Disk Cleaner 2016 offers the convenient solution to clean temporary files, Internet cache files and recycle the space which is occupied by those files. This software can be used to clean hard disk space occupied by system files and the hard disk space occupied by old temporary files.

With the help of Disk Cleaner 2016 your hard disk drive will be cleaned and those items which take unnecessary space and occupy the space are deleted. It also protects your PC and make it fast and secure. With the help of Disk Cleaner 2016, system files, auto-delete files, recycle space and other data which occupies the space is deleted so that you can free up the space and increase the speed of your computer.

Key Features of Disk Cleaner 2016

Recover hard disk space

Clean temporary internet files

Delete cookies

Delete download history

Delete startup files

Delete startup and restarts

Delete space on desktop

Clean Windows startup items

Delete files from Recycle Bin

Delete temporary internet files

Deletes the files and free up the space

Clean the temporary and internet caches

Deliver more capacity and speed of your computer

System Requirements of Disk Cleaner 2016

Disk Cleaner 2016 compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.

Disk Cleaner 2016 Free Download

Once the freeware is downloaded and installed on your PC, double click on the setup file and it will run automatically. Now run the Disk Cleaner 2016 and your computer system will be cleaned.

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Follow the link to the download section to get Disk Cleaner 2016.

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A program that monitors your internet usage. Traintox allows you to know how much time you spend each day surfing the web. The software also finds which sites you visit most frequently. As a result, Traintox can help you reduce your internet usage. You can determine how much time you spend each day on the internet and find out which sites you are most interested in.

Traintox is only available

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (64 bit version is required), Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 1 GHz processor recommended.
Memory: 512 MB RAM recommended.
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 or OpenGL 2.0 with 256MB of video RAM (GeForce 9800 GT or ATI Radeon X1950 or newer recommended)
Hard Drive: 1GB of free hard drive space
DirectX®: Version 9.0
DVD-ROM Drive: CD-ROM Drive is not required to install the game

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