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I β€œmet” the creature known as a berserk mateu (Bbac) in 1992 when I was at the Borobudur Temple in Java, Indonesia, on my first visit to that amazing place. They can be found in various islands in the Malay Archipelago. The berserk mateu is not at all threatened by humans, but they feed on crabs, and if there are no crabs, they feed on meat, particularly horse flesh. I saw two of them on that visit to Borobudur and upwards of 3000 across the islands. The main species in the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the latexwinged civet, which is also a carnivore. The full glory of the Malay Archipelago is not known to man. Envision deserts of sand, water, dark rainforests on islands, and of course Pasay City, which has now been run by the gubernment for 25 years and sent us to hunt our wild forest resources of pigs and monkeys. Thanksgiving because we won the territorial wars and expanded the national boundaries to make more arable land for farm areas in accordance with the new definition of Useful Land. I have been to the Malay Archipelago and seen many things and experienced many things. I have seen very beautiful and very ugly. I have seen animals, and the animals have seen me. I have seen rain and I have seen the most beautiful sunsets. I am not a revengeful person and would never consider a revenge as far as Panser, the bodyguard I hire whenever I go overseas, for reasons I won’t go into this time, chose. It is the most suitable thing I could do for myself and my young family at this time. … I pray that God will show me mercy and give us all wisdom to know Him first. He is the most precious gift of God to us. He came first to us, and He is a miracle that we may all see. I will finish by saying that I am devoted in my adherence to my faith in God and the dream of my mother, Amina, who was a Muslim I learned the most from. Amina wanted me to come back to my native country and to be a Muslim and live accordingly with no stress, worry, and all the hatred that is always harbored against Muslims in this current society. We are easy to hate. Hell is always available.


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