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* _Adobe Photoshop Elements_ is a DVD or CD that includes the core tools needed to perform basic image editing tasks. It is compatible with the popular Windows XP operating system.
* _Adobe Photoshop CC_ is the current version of the software and costs $400 per year. It is meant for use with both Windows and Macintosh computers.

The newest version of Photoshop is available from the Adobe website. The Photoshop website has additional information about the software and how to use it, as well as tutorials.

The following sections show how to quickly and easily perform common image editing tasks. You can even customize this program.

## Understanding Layers

Photoshop’s _layers_ allow you to insert graphics into images. Layers also give you the flexibility to combine layers together in different ways, which make a composite, or layered, image. Although any of the picture-editing functions in Photoshop can be performed on a single layer, layered composites require different editing techniques that Photoshop provides.

The following sections introduce Photoshop’s basic layers and show you how to use them to easily create multilayered images. In the following sections, I demonstrate the basics of how to create images using Photoshop layers.

## Using Layers

You can add, modify, and remove layers to change the overall appearance of a photo. You can add, modify, and delete these layers until you get a desired result, and then you can duplicate them to create more layers.

In Figure 4-1, I start by creating a new document. To do this, choose File⇒New. At the bottom of the New Document dialog box, you see New Document. In the New Document dialog box, click the Create a New Document icon (or press Enter).

FIGURE 4-1: Use the New Document dialog box to create a new image.

Now you see the New Document dialog box shown on the left in Figure 4-2. Here, I have set my default filename to `catfish` and have also chosen `Standard RGB` as the color mode.

You can use other color modes, including CMYK, LAB, and Grayscale. The new document window, shown on the right in Figure 4-2, allows you to set file size, resolution, color mode, and so on. When you’re ready to create a new document, select the option that you prefer by using the down arrow on the right side of

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However, many of the options available to Photoshop users in Elements are usable on any platform, including Windows, macOS and Linux. Even if you use Elements on a Mac, you can still manipulate images using software like GIMP.

The following list of features contains only what Elements offers that Photoshop doesn’t.

The following list of features contains only what Elements offers that Photoshop doesn’t.

As I previously mentioned, many of the Photoshop features are available in Elements. The differences in the editions of the applications are:

Elements has a simple interface with fewer options and more emphasis on less familiar tasks.

Elements has built-in multi-track editing, but Photoshop’s automatic multicam editing is only available as an add-on.

Lightroom, a full-featured photo management and editing software, is also available.

Elements, like Photoshop, uses a format called Tagged Image File (TIFF) as its default file format. This allows it to read images from CD-ROM and other media for which no other format is available. Photoshop reads JPG files, but does not read many other formats.

You can import images and videos from files saved in different file formats.

You can apply effects to them

You can assign text to elements of an image and include it in the image, adjusting its color, size, and even the type of font to use.

You can crop and resize the image and apply borders and frames.

You can add effects, such as artistic filters, selective color corrections and retouching.

You can create complex multi-layer compositions and even composite images.

You can use blend modes to blend different images into one new one.

You can create tonal curves.

You can perform gradation corrections.

You can add and edit layers.

You can add a blend mask and adjust its transparency.

You can add and edit layer masks.

You can paint, draw or retouch directly on layers.

You can edit live images from a webcam.

You can generate a variety of file types.

You can import images from other programs and edit them.

You can share images on the web, email them, or export them to many formats.

You can use filters, corrections, styles, and animations.

You can create interactive websites.

You can import and edit graphics

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