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While Photoshop is an excellent program, it’s not the only way to get results. You can achieve the same results with other image-editing software, such as Paint Shop Pro, which is included with Photoshop and is often bundled together, or Corel Photo-Paint, a program similar to Photoshop but from Corel. In addition, third-party image-editing software is available as well, including Apple’s Aperture and iPhoto software and GIMP.

In the following steps, I provide a few tips for getting the best results from Photoshop.

1. Start with a clean, accurate RAW image file.

2. Use the correct color mode.

3. Keep open a file that is always available to avoid losing your work.

4. Edit the image thoroughly, correcting any problems as they crop up.

5. Do your color corrections and any other color-related changes in the layers panel.

6. When you finish a major color change, save the file and change the image back to grayscale.

7. If you need to open the file at a later time, make sure you save it in a different format.

Tip: **Use the Layers panel to save and reorder your layers.** You can also resize and crop images when you open them in the Layers panel. To do so, simply drag an image onto the Layers panel and then select the crop tool and drag it to the areas of the image you want to keep. For additional tools and techniques, see Book III, Chapter 1.

The following steps help you get started with basic image editing:

1. If necessary, use Photoshop’s Print dialog box to ensure that the image meets the print specifications (usually 100 percent scaling and 300 dpi) before you start your editing process.

2. Choose File⇒New to create a new document.

3. If necessary, use the Rectangular Selection tool to select the areas of the image that will be printed.

4. Choose Select⇒Modify⇒Inverse and fill in the resulting outline with the color black.

5. Press Delete to remove the black rectangle and the area that it is outlined.

6. Add an image or adjustment layer, as described in Chapter 4.

7. Position the layer just above the other layers that are relevant to your current project (see Chapter 4).

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In this article, we will show you how to edit images and create graphics in Photoshop Elements (Elements for short), with a few extra steps to make it easy.

In particular, we will be using the following Photoshop Element 2018 edition to do these tutorials:

Photoshop Elements 2018 for Windows, macOS and Linux

The tools mentioned below are available in Photoshop Elements 2018 Mac version, but they are also available in Windows and Linux versions as well.

Logic & Smart Objects

Before we start, we must introduce a new concept that is slightly different in Photoshop Elements: The Smart Object.

A smart object is a type of object that will update the contents of the original image when its name changes.

In essence, we need to place an object on the layer of the original image that uses the ‘Smart Object’ option. Then we can re-name the layer with a new name that will represent a different original image.

For example, if we have a background image for a page, and we want to place a person image on it, we can use this method to do it:

Open the image in Photoshop Elements, and then open the Layers panel. To copy an object to another image, drag the object to the Layers panel, and click on the Open button. Now, you can choose a different image from your library as the background for the new image. Create a new layer above the background image.

It is also possible to name the new layer and copy the layer to other images.

The advantage of using a smart object is that the new object will keep the background information when the image is copied to other files, allowing you to create different variations of the image.

Choose New Document. Select a new blank canvas. To paste the background image, go to Image > Paste, and then choose the background image from the drop-down menu.

As a fun example, you can create a new document as follows.

Open the background image, and then place the content of the layer containing the content that you want to be the foreground image. Place the image on the new layer, and then deselect. Then, select Layer > Smart Objects > Reveal Selection. With the selection still revealed, go to Edit > Smart Objects > Edit Smart Objects. A new window will open, and there will be a new smart object that contains the content of the layer. Rename the new smart object to

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With command, you can create custom menus and the folder contents of those menus.

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// We define the print(x) form of mapE as taking a segment
// and writing it out to the raw stream associated with this
// segment.
void print(MapE* m);

// This specialization of print allows dumping maps in
// the friend functions of that class. We define the print
// form of a map in the dump() specialization of the class
// Map.
void print(const Map& m) {
for (typename Map::Segment_id i = 1; i
// specialization of Graph_segment_iterator which takes care of
// constructing this function for us. Anybody up to this task?
void print(const Map& m) {
typedef typename Map::Segment_id Segment_id;
for (Segment_id i = 1; i < m.size(); ++i) {

System Requirements:

Game supported OS: Windows 7/8/10.
CPU: Intel i5 3.4GHz or better.
Memory: 8GB
Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible hardware is required, on the minimum a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX or ATI HD 4870, or equivalent.
Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible sound card is required for audio.
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Mouse: Microsoft® compatible mouse is required for control.
Keyboard: Xbox 360™ or equivalent is required for control

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